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Innovative tools for bus companies

Reduce your administrative workload

Automation of the most important business processes with innovative tools.

Together we are setting new standards in travel marketing

This allows you to expand your catchment area and maximize capacity utilization.

Become part of a large network

This gives you a head start on the competition.

All benefits
at a glance

Sie schaffen sich einen modernen Zugang zum ständig wachsenden Onlinemarkt im In- und Ausland.

Online market

You create modern access to the constantly growing online market at home and abroad, also for your own website, your own customers and for both rental and travel traffic.

Sie arbeiten, sofern Sie entsprechende Softwarelösungen nutzen, ohne Zusatzaufwand über Schnittstellen.


You work as usual in your scheduling, order and trip management without any additional effort via our interface solutions, so you have no additional effort when using busfinder.

Automatisieren Sie die wichtigsten Geschäftsprozesse.

Business processes

Automate the most important business processes and make your work and the administrative effort for your employees much simpler and more efficient.

Wir stellen Ihnen als Partner unser komplettes System über unser „Starter-Paket“ zur internen Nutzung auch gerne kostenlos zur Verfügung.

Starter package

We also make our complete system available free of charge for internal use via our „starter package“. This allows you to take the time to integrate busfinder into your processes without financial risk.

Bus tourism also needs visions – and we are constantly working on this with and for our partners!

What makes
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15 reasons why is the right
choice for bus companies

You can rely on our dedicated team, who will be happy to help you at any time.

“Breaking new ground requires courage and the shared conviction that we have developed a product that offers unbeatable added value for customers and coach partners. This conviction drives us forward and allows us to try new things.”

Wolfgang Konrad, Director Tourism, Event, Product and Partner Management

“By expanding into the marketing of coach tours, we are responding to the wishes of many of our partners. First and foremost, we are offering our partners an expansion of their catchment area and our customers a large selection of coach tours and excursions from a wide range of providers.”

Sarah Konrad, Management, travel agency

“We are happy to welcome any new partner, regardless of company size or location. We are happy to organise an online meeting in which we can present our project, the many benefits and our vision for the future and answer any questions you may have.”

Adriane Zboniak, Bus partner management
Bus companies

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In our Help Center, we have summarized and answered other questions that are regularly asked by bus companies.

Why is access to the online market important?2023-11-07T20:15:41+00:00

From the customer’s point of view, bookings will always be made in the medium and long term where it is possible to compare different offers in real time via a transparent service description and book immediately. This has already been seen in booking behaviour in travel, and this trend will undoubtedly continue in rental traffic.

We have full order books for rental transport – why is busfinder still a solution for me?2023-11-07T20:15:40+00:00

Full order books are merely a snapshot from the perspective of the bus companies offering the service. Conversely, for the customer making the booking, this means enormous difficulties in obtaining an offer at all in a reasonable time and with reasonable effort. Due to acute staff shortages, the bus companies offering these services are in most cases unable to process the high demand quickly and in a structured manner in the interests of customers. Customers’ desire for digitalization is also increasingly becoming a prerequisite for sustainable business success in all sectors. The aim of the bus companies offering the service must therefore be to automate internal processes and offer customers a good level of service. This is the only way to maintain customer satisfaction and demand in the medium and long term.

Is registration on busfinder really free of charge?2023-11-07T20:15:39+00:00

In our “Starter Package” you can register completely free of charge, you will receive comprehensive training and you can make your products available for online booking in rental and travel traffic – this is also absolutely free of charge in this case. If you subsequently provide buses for hire and travel products for online booking on, there are no monthly system or maintenance fees – even for internal use. Only booking commissions are charged for online bookings via We would be happy to discuss all the details with you in a personal appointment.


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