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From route planning to booking in just a few minutes

Sie erhalten Echtzeitangebote, direkt von hunderten Busunternehmen.

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Alle Angebote mit Details zu den Bussen, den Umweltfaktoren und Kundenbewertungen.


All offers with details on the buses, environmental factors and customer ratings

Exklusive Onlinerabatte von vielen Busunternehmen erhalten.

School discounts

Receive exclusive online discounts from many bus companies

Mit jeder Buchung Bonuspunkte sammeln und damit z. B. finanzschwache Kinder fördern.

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Collect bonus points with every booking and thus support financially disadvantaged children, for example

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“I am pleased that we collect bonus points with every booking in the school association. We have already been able to give some children the opportunity to accompany us on school trips, even if their parents were unable to cover the costs.”

Bettina B., Teacher

“WOW! I would never have imagined how much time I would save and how easy bus booking would be!”

Edith J., Teacher

“We attach great importance to sustainability. I think it’s great that I can book exactly these buses, which are equipped with the most environmentally friendly engines currently available.”

Anna B., Teacher

“I’m pleased that I can rely on customer reviews, which makes it easier for me to choose the right coach company for us.”

Thomas W., Teacher

“What I like best is that I know exactly which bus to book. This gives me a sense of security when transporting my students.”

Agnes Z., Teacher

“I really appreciate being able to compare the scope of services on offer, it’s the only way I can book the best overall package for us.”

Walter E., Teacher
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