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Questions about bus rental

What advantages do I have when booking via

With busfinder you can plan individual routes, create and compare various offers from different bus companies in seconds and book the right bus or buses immediately online. In addition, most coach companies offer the option of canceling booked coaches free of charge up to a defined point in time.

How are the offers calculated?2023-10-24T12:19:37+00:00

All offers are calculated using the tariff parameters stored by the individual bus companies in our system. This means that the offers come directly from the bus companies offering them. This also applies to cancellation conditions and discounts.

How or to whom do I pay the booking amount?2023-10-24T12:31:25+00:00

Billing and payment is always handled by the booked bus company. Some bus companies also offer the option of paying for bookings immediately online.

What bus sizes are available and can I book several buses?2023-10-24T12:36:57+00:00

On busfinder you can find and book buses in a wide range of sizes, from minibuses with 5 seats to double-deckers with over 80 seats. You also have the option of booking several buses or routes/transfers from different bus companies. If you do not see a bus that matches your equipment requirements, please contact our customer service team and we will help you find the right bus.

How much luggage can be accommodated in each bus?2023-10-24T12:39:53+00:00

The number of pieces of luggage that can be carried depends on the bus model booked, the size of the bus and the number of passengers. In principle, however, there is sufficient storage space available in every bus with 38 seats or more. If you have any questions about your luggage, please contact our booking center, quoting your booking number.

Is the number of people I enter in the route planning decisive for the booking?2023-10-24T12:43:14+00:00

Basically, you book a bus with us. This means that you can also book coaches with considerably more seats than are actually required for your guests / group. Only those buses are displayed that can carry at least the number of passengers you have specified. It can also be more efficient and even cheaper to book two smaller buses instead of one very large bus.

Does booking via busfinder incur costs for me as a customer?2023-10-24T12:44:56+00:00

No, the booking is free of charge for you, both with us and with the booked bus companies.

Is it possible to hire coaches from you without a driver?2023-10-24T12:49:04+00:00

No, unfortunately that is not possible.

Are bookings on busfinder binding for the booked bus companies?2023-10-24T12:54:03+00:00

Yes, the booking constitutes a legally binding contract between you and the bus company you have booked. Please note, however, that some bus companies exclude trips to soccer matches, festivals or demonstrations, for example, and that this is stated in the bus companies’ general terms and conditions. In addition, orders that are associated with a danger to the driver, passengers and/or the vehicle are excluded from the obligation to carry (e.g. in countries with an active safety warning).

What do I do if the bus company I booked contacts me and tells me that the order cannot be carried out?2023-10-24T12:55:58+00:00

In this case, please contact our booking center or send us an email to We will then provide you with a replacement bus.

How can I change or cancel orders?2023-10-24T12:58:53+00:00

This is possible via a link in the booking confirmation or, if you have registered on, directly in your customer area. If this is not possible, please contact our booking center using your booking number.

Questions about booking coach trips and excursions

How can I find and book a suitable trip?2023-10-24T13:09:05+00:00

First enter your desired boarding point. If you wish, you can enter further specifications such as destination or travel date. Then click on “search” and browse through our online travel catalogue. You will now be shown all trips according to your selection criteria.

If you are interested in a trip, click on “find out more” and you will receive all the important travel information such as included services, prices or itinerary on the details page. Select the desired number of travellers and click on “Go to booking”. Please follow the booking process and complete the mandatory fields. In the last booking step we ask you to check your entries again and to confirm the terms and conditions and data protection regulations. You can then finalise the booking by completing the selected payment method.

Can I only filter trips that offer boarding options in my home town?2023-10-24T13:11:37+00:00

Enter your home town in the Departure point field and click on “Search”. You will then be shown the journeys with a nearby boarding point to your home town.

How do I receive my booking confirmation?2023-10-24T13:16:30+00:00

After completing your booking, you will receive a booking confirmation to the e-mail address you have provided. If you have not received a booking confirmation, please check your spam folder. If you cannot find the booking confirmation in your spam folder, please contact our customer service staff. Click here for the contact details.

Will I receive the necessary travel documents with the booking?2023-10-24T13:19:06+00:00

When you book, we will send you all the information and documents required by the Package Travel Ordinance. However, we assume that you will receive additional information or travel documents from the bus company you have booked.

Are bookings binding?2023-10-24T13:21:07+00:00

Yes, bookings subject to payment are binding bookings. Cancellations are only possible in accordance with the “Terms and Conditions of Travel” of the booked tour operator. In any case, we recommend that you take out travel insurance and take advantage of the cancellation options associated with it. Please note that booked event tickets cannot be refunded under any circumstances, not even partially.

Are there any fees for online bookings?2023-10-24T13:22:31+00:00

No, the booking is free of charge for you, both with us and with the bus company/travel company you have booked.

Is it possible to book by telephone?2023-10-24T13:23:40+00:00

Yes, that is of course possible. Please contact our booking center. Please note, however, that separate booking fees apply in this case. We will be happy to advise you.

Can I also take out travel insurance with you?2023-10-24T13:30:38+00:00

You have the option of booking travel insurance with our cooperation partner Europäische Reiseversicherung directly at the time of booking. For coach travel, you can book the “BusBahnAutoKomplettschutz” package. You can access all information about the package via the following link: If you have any further questions about insurance, please contact our customer service staff.

When or how do I have to pay for the booked trip?2023-10-24T13:33:16+00:00

The payment options are determined by the individual tour operators themselves. These can vary from trip to trip and depend, for example, on factors such as short notice or included services such as event tickets. You must select the payment method at the end of the booking process.

Payment options can be: Payment on account, payment by credit card, payment by instant bank transfer or payment via PayPal.

The “European Package Travel Regulation” also regulates the modalities for down payment and final payment: the down payment may not be due earlier than 11 months before the start of the trip and may not account for more than 20% of the travel price. The remaining amount may not be accepted by the tour operator earlier than 20 days before departure. You can also do this online during the booking process, if offered by the tour operator.
Day trips and trips that take place within 20 days of booking may be invoiced immediately by the tour operator at 100%.

Are price increases possible after booking?2023-10-24T13:36:11+00:00

This is generally possible up to 20 days before departure, but only for costs over which the tour operator has no influence (e.g. fuel prices or exchange rates). If the travel price increases by more than 8%, you have the right to withdraw from the contract free of charge.

Is my money covered under the Package Travel Ordinance?2023-10-24T13:38:15+00:00

Yes, every tour operator we offer has the legally required travel money insurance. This is continuously monitored by us. Please note that only “combined travel services” are subject to the Package Travel Ordinance. Day trips without additional services are excluded from the travel money insurance.

Is there a guarantee that the booked trip will take place?2023-10-24T13:40:32+00:00

Unless the travel description expressly refers to a “performance guarantee”, the trips and excursions offered are subject to the travel conditions of the respective organizer and thus to the provisions on the minimum number of participants. However, the tour operator will inform you of this in good time.

Can I book seats with you during the booking process?2023-10-24T13:46:20+00:00

For organizational reasons, this is not possible online. Please contact our customer service staff and have your booking number, which you can find in your booking confirmation, ready. Our service staff will receive your request and contact the tour operator to check and make the desired seat reservation. Whether a seat reservation is possible and whether costs are incurred depends on the tour operator booked. You will of course be informed in advance by our customer service staff.

Can I change my booking at a later date?2023-10-24T13:58:30+00:00

Please contact our customer service staff and have your booking number, which you can find in your booking confirmation, ready.
Our customer service staff will receive your changes and contact the tour operator to check and, if possible, implement the requested changes. Whether a change is possible and whether costs are incurred depends on the booked organizer and the type of change. Of course, our customer service staff will inform you in detail before any changes are made.

How can I change or cancel bookings?2023-11-06T21:14:31+00:00

For change requests, please contact our customer service staff and have your booking number ready. In the event of a cancellation request, our customer service can accept it and contact the tour operator to check and implement the cancellation options. Whether a cancellation is possible and whether costs are incurred depends on the booked organizer and the booked trip. You will of course be informed in advance by our service staff.

Where is my invoice?2023-11-06T21:13:33+00:00

If you have selected “payment by invoice” when booking and are still waiting for your invoice, please contact our customer service team. Please have your booking number, which you can find in your booking confirmation, ready. Our customer service staff will contact the tour operator and endeavour to ensure that you receive your invoice as soon as possible.

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