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Frequently asked questions

What advantages do I have if I register as a “school / kindergarten”?2023-10-24T10:42:48+00:00

Your account will be verified when you register. Verification gives you access to online discounts that bus companies can provide individually for schools/kindergartens. You also collect bonus points for your school with every booking. These bonus points can be used, for example, for socially disadvantaged children.

Can I also print out online offers?2023-10-24T10:44:39+00:00

Yes, you can print out each individual offer. You can then file these offers for documentation purposes.

How early should I book buses?2023-10-24T10:46:19+00:00

Due to the current incredibly high demand for buses, there can be considerable price differences compared to short-term bookings.

Questions about booking and registration

Can I really cancel booked buses free of charge?2023-10-24T10:52:00+00:00

Yes, as long as the bus company you have booked offers a free cancellation. This is clearly stated in the individual offers and can also be viewed in the bus companies’ general terms and conditions. Cancellation is easily possible online via your customer account and “My bookings”.

How is billing carried out?2023-10-24T10:54:37+00:00

Billing and payment is always made via the booked bus company.

Is registration on busfinder free of charge?2023-10-24T10:57:07+00:00

Yes, registration is completely free. The main purpose of registration is to be able to assign you to the “School / Kindergarten” customer group and your school. This is a prerequisite for you to receive online discounts and for us to be able to allocate bonus points to your school/kindergarten. Once you have registered, you also have a personal customer account with route, booking and evaluation overviews.

Questions about discounts and bonus points

How high are the discounts that I receive via the “School / Kindergarten” customer group?2023-10-24T10:58:30+00:00

This is completely different and is the sole responsibility of the bus companies offering the service. However, the discounts are between 5 % and 15 %. Discounts may also depend on the current capacity utilization. You should therefore check the availability of the individual buses in good time.

How many bonus points can I collect with a booking for our school account?2023-11-04T10:31:48+00:00

You will always receive 1.5% of the booking amount in the form of bonus points. That’s 15 bonus points for a gross booking of € 1000. Each bonus point can be converted into a voucher worth € 1.

How and who can redeem the bonus points?2023-10-24T11:07:06+00:00

You can convert the bonus points credited to your school account into a voucher at any time. This is done by sending an informal email to The decision as to who in your school accesses the bonus points and when must be agreed internally.

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